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We just want to bring you the best leather watch straps/bands available on the market, and made in Europe, by artisans all done by hand.

  • We are watchforbands.
  • We bring you the best.
  • We are in the EU (North).
  • We have expertise, we follow one Quality Brand.
  • We sell only Quality. "Made in Europe"
  • We have a young trendy team.



Narcisse Collection

For All Watches


Our Watchbands are produced by artisans with authentic craftsmanship. 
The Handmade production is done with precision and with love for the product. 
Only with this level off craftsmanship we can offer you the best watch bands.
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As 169 Millions people are paying with it.
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    Red Star Collection

    For All Watches

    Watch Straps for the Apple Watch, smartwatch, Conventional, Ice Watch and Pebble

    We are presenting you the best watch straps or watch bands on the market. For the Apple Watch, Pebble Watche, Ice Watch and all the other Watch Brands on the market. Most of them in 20mm -  22mm and 24mm. And made by artisans and in Europe. On the Apple Watch it works on the Sport - classic Buckle and Modern Buckle (iwatch).


    Apple Watch - Smart Watch - Conventional Watch

    100% Cotton fabric (specially coated fabric) watch straps or watch bands (20-22 and 24mm)

    Fashion leather watch straps or watch bands in nice colors (20-22 and 24mm)

    Exclusive Leather watch straps or watch bands: 22mm and 24mm

    Can be used on: Apple Watch, Sony, Pebble, Asus, LG, Guess, Ice Watch, Breitling, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Samsung, Bulgari Diagono, Carrera Wearable, Tissot T-Touch, Smartwatch Alpina, Montblanc e-strap, IWC Connect, Moto 360, Frederique Constant and other Brands.




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    For Conventional

    and Smart Watches