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March 31, 2017 0 Comments

The race to combine old-school luxury brands with modern technology is well and truly on, as today Montblanc joins Tag Heuer in rolling out its own Android​ Wear watch. The Montblanc Summit is the company's first venture into the digital timekeeping world, bringing with it some of the expertise Montblanc has for crafting mechanical timepieces. I got to see and wear this fancified Android Wear watch in London today, sitting down with Montblanc's director of new technologies, Felix Obschonka, to discuss the thinking behind the Summit.

Obschonka wears his own prototype Montblanc Summit with a sfumato brown leather strap and all-black stainless steel case. It's a classy look, though at a 46mm diameter and a height of 12.5mm, it’s unmistakably a largewatch. Some people like that. This is also very definitely a luxury watch, with a starting price of $890 ($930 if you opt for the sfumato leather).


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