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Questions and Answers

What is Bandsforwatches?

We are passionate about watch straps, and just want to bring you, the best watch straps what are on the market today

Where are they produced?

They are produced by Artisants in Europe (central) with care and pressicion

Why is there Fab-straps written in the watch band?

That is where the watch bands are coming from, one of the best companies for your watch straps, that  watchband collection,  we are following and selling, they are just the best :) i am just following this supplier, just the best.

So now you know our source 

What choice ?

100% cotton (specially coated) 

Fashion leather

Sports Leather

Sellier Leather

and maybe some other,...


20-22-24 mm 


120 x 80

For what watches are we selling watch Straps?

Apple 38 and 42 mm watch

Smart watches 20 - 22 - 24 mm

Connected watches 20 - 22 - 2 mm

Conventional watches 20 - 22 - 24 mm

Why only PayPal?

Over 180 million people are using it, it is easy secure and fast, it does not cost you anything more


Ye this is free for you, a present from us 

Happy with your purchase?

Take a picture and post it do not forget to use #bandsforwatches 

You are not happy with your purchase?

Contact us and we solve it. (funny we did not get any mails back with complaints :) )

Why this adapter (Apple Watch)

With the spring bar you can change your watch strap easy, and fast, with any watch which is (99%) sold on earth.